About HGM


Bro. Harry Gomes is a known spiritual father to the great multitudes in the land of India as well as different parts of the world.He was born on 07-07-1954 in a gentile family living in Coimbatore in the state of Tamil Nadu, India.

At a tender age of 8 he lost his Mother , Growing up in the hardship of life, he became a vessel and a source of comfort to great multitudes and the broken hearted throughout the world ( II Corinthians – 1:4 , Psalms 47:3).He studied intermediate in Cost Accountancy. and he did his masters in Business,Marketing, and Commerce.

From 1977 to 1982 he was worked as a part time Lecturer and also in a Business Company. In 1982 he started his own business and became successful in the midst of two trailing periods and hardships during 1983 and 1988. But, however, in 1988 during the trailing periods of business loss he suffered with a skin disorder Leucoderma.

During that period Lord Jesus Christ encountered him on 13th December 1988. Second time in a dream on Mar 25th 1989 right after that he received total healing of his skin disorder and received the promise from the Lord Jesus Christ to re-established his business and directed to start Chemical know-now Technology company.

Even though Bro. Harry Gomes had no knowledge of Chemical Technology courses or anything about Chemistry, he believed in God’s promise because, he is faithful to his promise (Hebrew – 10:23). God gave good contacts with highly qualified chemistry scientists.

As a result he was able to develop, implement and establish small scale Turn-key projects in small and medium industries; Nearly 74 projects in different technologies were successfully launched in various Chemical products.

Harry Gomes experiences

  1. During 1991

    During 1991 October Bro. Harry Gomes visited a small church and he was attracted by the teachings of the God’s prosperity and provision. He started giving 10%, Tithe faithfully and later upto 60% to the God’s kingdom, and supported various servants of God who were in need.

  2. During 1992

    In the year 1992 on August 29th on the birthday of his wife, when he visited a church to pray. The Holy Spirit came upon Bro. Harry Gomes in a mighty measure and delivered him from the evil spirits and generational curses, and God gave gift to speak in the other tongues in the unknown languages and understanding them.

  3. Miracle

    On the 3rd day of his being filled with Holy Spirit he happened to pray for a sister who was an unbeliever as she lost her baby in her womb and in a tragic condition. Bro. Harry Gomes prayed for that sister and in few hours God made that child to be delivered as normal delivery.

    This is the first miracle Bro. Harry Gomes experienced within 15 days. Another miracle was when his family friend who suffered from Psoriasis and severe condition of this skin disease has been healed.

    These two awesome miracles made Bro. Harry Gomes to think and trust that the hand of the God Jesus Christ is upon him to heal the sick.

  4. During 1993

    During 1993 he saw the Lord’s vision for 3 hours with his naked eyes. In which morning bright stars upon the thick black cloud and many stars appeared upon a thick black cloud. Bottom of it gold colored bright line appeared. In the middle of it sun appeared with orange color, and in the middle of it a women covering her face with veil.

Lord Jesus Christ said

God Almighty gave understanding of that vision and its interpretation. Lord Jesus Christ said, that he is the bright morning star who is ready to guide Bro. Harry Gomes all the days of his life to bring the light of the dawn into the lives of people living in darkness, which symbolized dark cloud, Lord Jesus Christ said like the Stars Bro. Harry Gomes would preach the Gospel of kingdom of God, and redeem the souls to send them to heaven under the salvation plan of Almighty God.

Lord Jesus Christ also said that gold line is a gold covering of the ark of the covenant which resembles divine nature. Orange color sun symbolizes, son of righteousness under whose wings is healing. Women as a bride, symbolize rising disciple and establishing the kingdom of God through church ministries.

As result of this vision Lord God started opening doors in 1993. Lord Jesus Christ appeared in a dream and inspired to conduct a Gospel meeting in the city of Coimbatore from May 19th to 21st 1993. As he invited some of the speakers who initially agreed to come, later 3 speakers refused to come and speak in that meetings.

But , by the vision, Jesus Christ again appeared to Bro. Harry Gomes and informed him to speak the gospel of kingdom of God. During that period Bro. Harry Gomes was an ordinary believer but he was encouraged by Lord Jesus Christ vision.

His speech during those 3 nights led about 5,000 people to accept lord God almighty as their savior and about 500 people who were healed of chronic ailments. From that day Bro.Harry Gomes never looked back and started to proclaim the Gospel of the kingdom of God. This is not the conversion of religion but trasformation of soul and demonstrating the healing power of God Almighty.Casting out demons and proclaiming the kingdom dynamics how each poor man can become rich by depending on the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

All the glory to God Almighty alone .God has raised dead people to life during the meetings by the power of the holy spirit not the by the power of Bro.Harry Gomes. He is only a witness for all of this miracle to glorify the name of Almighty God.

Bro. Harry Gomes faced many sorrows and hardships in his life but every moment he cried to God Almighty and decided that he would be a be a witness for God’s kingdom.

He always prayed to God to give selfless and sinless life and to be led by the Holy Spirit. He is blessed with a loving wife to take care of him and his responsiblities, a true source of strength staying away from the lime light to run the ministry.

He blessed with a daughter and son. At the age of 18 his only son met with major accident and passed away on the spot. But, now he is living with Lord Jesus Christ in heaven.

Bro. Harry Gomes’s daughter is married and is living with her husband. Most of the time she helps her father to lead the church in praise and worship as well as Administration.


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